Financial Goal Guide

Attain Your Financial Goal

The Best Investments

Investment should aim to grow your wealth while keeping risk at an acceptable level, while finding investments tailored specifically to your time horizon and risk tolerance are often best investments.

Savings accounts and CDs provide safe yet low-risk investment options, and tend to pay minimal interest rates. Rental housing, stocks and bonds offer higher returns if you can take on more risk for longer.


Stocks, or publicly-traded shares of companies, are an integral component of most investment portfolios. Stocks give investors the chance to own part of some of the world’s most successful firms while helping you reach long-term financial goals.

Investors can enhance their portfolios by categorizing stocks into growth and value categories. Furthermore, certain industries such as IT, consumer discretionary goods and telecom services should also be taken into consideration as they often react differently depending on economic conditions.

Stocks may provide high returns, but can also be more risky than savings accounts or bonds. Mutual funds offer one way of spreading risk across different stocks while decreasing overall risk. When selecting the appropriate stocks for you, keep your investment goals and risk tolerance in mind.


Bonds, loans made to companies or governments, offer investors lower risks than stocks and should comprise some portion of an overall diversified investment portfolio. When bonds reach maturity, their borrower must repay both the original loan amount as well as any accrued interest.

Bonds can be an attractive retirement investment option as they provide a steady source of income while helping reduce risk associated with more volatile investments such as stocks and mutual funds.

However, it should be remembered that bonds typically offer low returns; investors selling before maturity may experience price losses. To reduce risk, many investors opt for mutual funds or ETFs rather than purchasing individual bonds directly.

Real Estate

Although real estate isn’t guaranteed to make people rich, its popularity among Americans remains high. Not only is it a physical asset but its tax benefits make it bankable and less dependent upon factors out of our control like stocks or cryptocurrency investments, which make people more comfortable investing in it than stocks or mutual funds.

Rocket Homes recently conducted an analysis of 2023 data to find the 10 best cities for investing in real estate. Ranking criteria included gross rental yield, housing price index data, unemployment rates, vacancy rates and population growth estimates. If you want to invest, begin the mortgage process online now – it’s free and fast – then see how much approval you qualify for! Additionally, check out crowdfunding platforms that allow investors to purchase part of projects without needing millions in total commitment – providing another means of diversifying portfolios.


Americans continue to choose real estate as the best long-term investment out of five options when asked which is their ideal long-term investment, even though this percentage has fallen since GameStop stock hype in 2021 and average of the past decade.

Gold has long been considered a safe haven, offering multiple uses and with limited global supply making it an attractive investment option for Americans. Due to this unique characteristic and limited global supply, the precious metal serves as a good starter portfolio investment as it may help stave off runaway inflation. But gold may not be suitable for investors seeking high returns with an appetite for high risk markets such as stocks. For these individuals, more aggressive stock investments might provide better results.