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The 4 Main Facets of Finance

Finance is a broad term used to describe things about the science, development, and management of financial resources and assets. All areas of life that generate income are in some way affected by finance. The study of how funds are obtained, stored, used, and expended is known as “finance”. All forms of human activity that generates income are part of the world of finance. It is a broad field involving many different fields including: banking, economics, business, accounting, and other related fields.

The study of how financial systems operate is known as “finance”. In its broad sense, it can also refer to the discipline of the study of money management. Money management includes such things as: banking systems, economic policies, inflation, risk/reward balances, inflation, public finance, asset allocation, central banking, non-bank monetary instruments, fiscal policy, and international money management. A key element of modern finance is the scientific method of measurement, which studies the methods of measurement.

The financial process involves creating an instrument (a “security”) by borrowing it from a lender at a pre-arranged rate of interest and paying it back as a specified amount of time (usually a year). Borrowers can use a variety of instruments including bonds, stocks, securities, futures, options, derivatives, mutual funds, and other financial tools. There are different ways to create a security, including borrowing money (bond) and creating an equity through stock ownership. Equity is used to leverage the value of all collateral by making an equity investment.

Finance deals mainly with the use of credit as it relates to the transfer of financial assets from one investor (borrower) to another investor (beneficiary). Credit is created when borrowers sell their assets, such as real estate, to raise the funds they need for a particular project or purchase a car. The sale creates an asset. The assets are then traded between the two investors who finance the transaction. This is how financial markets make money: through the sale and purchase of financial assets.

Investment Banking refers to bank dealing in the purchase and sale of financial instruments. Two primary ways of dealing in securities include commodity and bond markets; money and foreign exchange markets. Investment banking is the process of buying and selling securities for profit. Typical areas of investment in investment banking include long and short term debt, stocks, and property. To learn about risk management and money management in finance see the main article on finance.

Financial spread betting refer to the practice of margined trading. margined trading means that the investor is allowed to trade but the margins on the transactions are extremely low. The spread bet is the investor’s chance to trade one currency against another depending on the performance of the underlying market. This is one of the more leveraged forms of trading, making it less favorable for the small trader. To learn more about financial spread betting see the main article on spread betting.